In case you hadn't had quite enough of German automakers producing cars themed after yachts – like the Volkswagen Caddy Topos Sail and Audi Q7 Coastline – here comes one offshoot preparing to actually design a line of mega-yachts.

The Porsche Design boats are being penned for Singaporean shipyard's Royal Falcon Fleet, and will start off with RFF135, a 135-foot catamaran (that means two hulls for all you land-lubers). Australian firm Incat Crowther and Swedish outfit Kockums are also involved in the project, which is slated to include a variety of mega-yachts for the uber-wealthy with either two hulls or one. Yachts of this size typically leave the engine room up to the buyer's specifications, along with most everything else, but don't expect to find a bank of air-cooled flat-sixes below decks. If you're wondering how an automotive merchandise design firm could translate their competence to the entirely separate field of naval architecture, just remember that, following the Fearless speedboat series, this won't be the first time Porsche Design has tangled its toes in the water.

[Source: Luxist]

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