Woodward 2008: Details are everything

Click above for high-res gallery of details shots from Woodward Ave.

Sometimes the whole is not greater than the sum of the parts. Sometimes the parts are cool enough to stand on their own. We took a lot of pics - a LOT - yesterday while walking up and down Woodward Ave., though most were of cars driving past us quickly. In that split second we have to snap a pic, there's no time to savor those special elements that separate great cars from merely good ones. Things like fins, vents, badges, grilles, and gauges are often what we remember most about the cars we see during the Woodward Dream Cruise. Fortunately we found a few parking lots filled with parked cars yesterday and took some time out to inspect them with our DSLRs. Below you'll find a gallery of our best detail shots from the Woodward Dream Cruise.

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