Enough is Enough: Bond crashes Aston DBS into wall

Despite a couple of disastrous and debilitating setbacks, filming of the next Bond flick, the Quantum of Solace, is back, with production continuing in the mountains of Carrara, Italy. Unfortunately, these newest shots from the set are further proof that the writers and producers have absolutely no regard for the hotness that is the Aston Martin DBS. To their credit, the death of the DBS was deliberate, as 007 is chased through a rock quarry by a handful of villains piloting Alfa Romeos. The 15-minute scene will make up the pre-credit sequence that is the staple of any good Bond film (they're always our favorite), right before they cue the cheesy retro-pop and cut to blacked-out babes wielding heavy artillery.

Thanks for the tip, Miguel!

[Source: MI6]

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