VIDEO: New Speed Racer trailer a visual feast

It's very tempting to dismiss the Wachowski brothers' live-action Speed Racer film as a hopeless exercise in ridiculousness. But the problem is that both trailers released show a movie that's utterly drenched with style, as the auteur siblings appear to have held nothing back in trying to bring the anime feel to this live-action adaptation. The second and final theatrical trailer was released this week, and while it's thin on plot (not that it really needs spelling out), there's no shortage of action. We get a look at the young, daydreaming Speed; racetracks that look like life-sized Hot Wheels playsets; Racer X being mysterious; some cringe-inducing lines from Susan Sarandon's Mom Racer; and attacking ninjas! (Remember, this is the Wachowskis.) Campy? Corny? Cool? We're guessing it might be all of the above. Anyway, let this serve as a reminder that May isn't all Indy and Tony. Oh, and those of you looking to kvetch about gratuitous auto product placement need to sit tight. That's still 467 days away.

The new trailer's pasted after the jump.

[Source: DailyMotion]

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