The website for seller's remorse - Lost Car Registry

If you've ever thought about a car you used to own and lamented with a shake of the head, "I never never should have sold it," there's a website that could help you out. It's not going to help someone like me since the whip I most want back (pictured above) was lost to a traffic incident. But if you can dig up the make, model and VIN of that car you just can't get out of your head, and post it in the forums at the Lost Car Registry website, then perhaps the interwebs can help you track down that long lost Pulsar NX.

The site was started by Keith Ingersoll who never could get his dad's Mach I out of his head. The problem was that the '69 Mustang had been sold 20 years prior. With the internet causing global shrinkage, his idea of creating a network of automotive paleontologists has promise. Just remember to be careful when you start turning over rocks, and steel yourself for the potential heartbreak of finding your past vehicular love rotting away with a family of skunks holding court in the trunk.

[Source: Winding Road]

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