Next in Line: Renault developing dual-clutch transmission

Dual-clutch transmissions are washing over the automotive industry like a wave, and Renault could be the next to hang ten. The French automaker intends to use more efficient transmissions – specifically DCTs and CVTs – to help meet its emissions-reducing targets.

Although Renault could easily borrow the continuously-variable transmission from its corporate cousin Nissan, the speculation is that it could also develop its own dual-clutch gearbox. Although Nissan uses one in the new GT-R, it's outsourced from Borg-Warner. If Renault did develop its own DCT, it would likely employ lighter-weight dry clutches, and would join the growing list of carmakers with DCTs that will soon include Fiat, Volvo, BMW and, of course, Volkswagen.

[Source: Automotive News Europe – Sub. Req.]

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