Toyota extends Sienna warranties even further

Toyota knows that it's got a problem with the Sienna minivan's doors. The Japanese automaker issued a "warranty enhancement" for the Sienna's front doors back in October to deal with complaints that they wouldn't stay open. They're now covered under warranty for five years or 100,000 miles. Apparently some rear liftgates have a similar problem of not staying open or being difficult to open in the first place. While a rear liftgate closign on your head is not life threatening, Toyota says it's aware of 14 minor injuries among 34 total complaints.

As such, the Japanese automaker has announced another new warranty enhancement that will cover the rear liftgate on 585,000 Siennas from 2004-2006 for a total of six years or unlimited miles. It will also reimburse any owners who have already paid to have the the liftgate repaired.

Business Week quotes Toyota spokesman Bill Kwong saying that the part in question isn't defective but is "susceptible to degradation." Fair enough, and considering the company is aware of only 35 cases so far, we're impressed it's gone so far to ensure owners who could potentially be affected in the coming years are covered.

UPDATE: Post changed for clarity on difference between first warranty enhancement for the front doors and the new one for the rear liftgate.

[Source: Business Week]

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