Saab and Salomon take the Aero X concept to the slopes

It could be their unmistakably Nordic appeal, but if you head to any respectable ski resort, you're likely to see a fair few Saabs with roof-racks in the parking lots, next to Volvo wagons (but very few Koenigseggs). In partnership with winter-sport equipment giant Salomon, Saab has been sponsoring a number of snow-capped alpine events since 2001. Now the two Scandinavian companies have launched a special set of downhill skis in celebration of both their 60th anniversaries, Saab and Salomon having each been founded in 1947.

The fiberglass and graphite skis pay homage to the Saab Aero X concept car unveiled at the 2006 Geneva show. They feature an innovative "hybrid axle" system that put the power down at the rear and optimize turning control at the front. The Salomon Aero X skis sell for $1000 a pair, and the two companies hope to cooperate further in the future, but somehow we don't see a 9-3 wagon running on skis instead of wheels seeing production anytime soon.

[Source: Inside Line]

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