Chevy Lumina SS named Middle East's "Sports Saloon of the Year"

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The motorheads at CAR Middle East have named the Chevy Lumina SS their 2007 Sports Saloon of the Year. The Lumina SS, as you're well aware by now, is simply a rebadged Holden Commodore SS, the same way that the forthcoming Pontiac G8 GT is. 360 horses and 390 lb-ft of torque must make for plenty of fun on those long roads cutting through the desert. The front end looks rightly spiffy wearing that Bowtie, too. You may recall that Middle Eastern markets also just got a rebadged version of the HSV Clubsport R8 called the CSV CR8. We're banking on that becoming the still-unannounced G8 GXP that GM folks just smile about when you ask them what the deal is. Zetas for everyone!

UPDATE: Detailing rag on rear spoiler (see above) is good for at least an additional 10 horsepower.

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Chevrolet Lumina SS Elected "Sports Saloon of The Year" by CAR Middle East

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Leading UAE based magazine and one of the world's most established and authoritative motoring titles, CAR Middle East, has named the Chevrolet Lumina SS as "Best Sports Saloon" for 2007. The 'Car of the Year (COTY)' awards were launched this year to coincide with the 9th Middle East International Motor Show.

According to Shahzad Sheikh, Editor of CAR Middle East, "The Chevrolet Lumina SS has a 6.0-Litre V8 Corvette engine under the bonnet. Need I say more? This all new-car from 'down under' is a fantastic reinterpretation of the cult Lumina SS. No other car offers this level of practicality, performance, and potential tail-sliding fun for the money."

This is the first time the influential Middle East edition of CAR magazine has presented awards in the region and Sheikh added that: 'The Lumina SS edged ahead of some fierce competition to deservedly take the ultimate sports saloon award and perfectly demonstrates GM's renewed commitment to giving us the cars we really want to drive. Well done!" A jury of six regional automotive experts carefully picked the winners from 125 cars in total judging on quality, innovation, engineering, style and relevance to the Middle East market to crown the winners.

The Lumina SS powered by a 6.0-litre V8 engine now delivers standard power of 360hp (net) at 5700 rpm and torque of 530 Nm as measured under the international ECE standard. Bigger 18" alloy wheels improve handling and longitudinal grip for easier acceleration and shorter stopping distance. The bodyshell of the Lumina has been engineered to be extremely stiff and this aids stability. It has high lateral stiffness for handling through three lateral ball joints per side with improved longitudinal compliance. A rubber isolated suspension frame isolates the body from road bumps and drive train vibrations.

An Electronic Stability Program (ESP) system has been incorporated in the Lumina SS to boost safety and ensure the balance of power and performance is in perfect harmony. ESP technology reduces the risk of an accident by preventing the vehicle from skidding in an emergency by specifically slowing down individual wheels.

Driven by its athletic exterior look and authoritative stance, the Lumina SS looks awesome from any angle. Stylish wheel arches immediately set the tone for the superbly crafted external architecture on the Lumina, offering dynamic form, balance and great proportions with a hint of latent muscularity and tautness that sets this car apart from any other.

In the interior, the design philosophy is one of a cocooned space with a serpentine plan view of the instrument panel that enhances the feeling of spaciousness while ensuring that the centre stack controls are of easy reach to the driver, adding to the all round feeling of comfort and ease.

"The short front overhangs, the wheelbase, the wheels out at the corners and the muscular track all point to the Lumina SS as an absolutely well proportioned vehicle," concluded Hossein Hassani marketing manager for Chevrolet in the Middle East. "Add to this muscular powerplant and an interior that exudes luxury and class and you have a car that is beautiful, meaningful and certainly worthy of the prestige of CAR Middle East's award."

Chevrolet is the largest division of General Motors. Founded in 1911, Chevrolet fulfils the transportation needs of millions of people daily around the world – one out of every 13 vehicles sold around the world today is a Chevrolet.

In the Middle East, Chevrolet has a strong heritage stretching back around eight decades. Today Chevrolet brings the most comprehensive range of value vehicles to customers across the region, offering superlative excitement, strong personality, value for money, safety and security from a brand that has long been a trusted partner in the region.

Chevrolet boasts the widest range of passenger cars in the Middle East, from the cost effective entry-level Spark, Aveo, Optra and Epica models to the iconic Corvette, full-size Caprice and Lumina sedans. Chevrolet also offers exciting and capable SUVs from the all new Captiva to the TrailBlazer, Tahoe, Uplander, Silverado and Suburban models, as well as the chassis for commercial applications.

In 2006, regional sales of Chevrolet were up by 30% over 2005 to 98,042.

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