Ariel Atom crew developing a bike?

1952 Ariel VHA 500

Over the past few years, the Ariel has been known for creating one thing: the amazingly competent Atom track toy. But back in 1901 the UK-based company was known for something else – motorcycles. That's where Ariel got its start and according to Autocar, it's looking back to its roots to create its next vehicle.

The Atom has proved to be financially viable enough to support another project and something of the two-wheeled persuation might be it. Simon Sanders, the owner of Ariel, is very specific with what he wants to create, something "lightweight, agile and useful," possibly sporting a single cylinder engine or even electric power.

The project is up in the air at this point, but it's definitely on the table. If it does come to fruition, Ariel will again reaffirm itself as one of the leaders in motorcycle technology, much like it did over a century ago.

[Source: Autocar]

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