After several months of discussions with the Malaysian government about working with Proton, Volkswagen has decided to call it quits. The Malaysian government is the largest shareholder in the local company that also owns Lotus. Lotus has been doing fairly well of late thanks to their continuing engineering work for many of the worlds automakers, and the ongoing success of the Elise lineup. Proton however has been struggling and was seeking a more well heeled partner to work with. For the foreseeable future Volkswagen appears to be out the picture.

[Source: Volkswagen]

Talks with Proton closed

Wolfsburg, 20 November 2007 - Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft and the Malaysian government have decided to shelve their joint talks concerning cooperation with or participation in the Malaysian automaker Proton Holdings Bhd for the time being. As a consequence, there is at present no foundation for a more in-depth investigation.

Irrespective of this decision, Volkswagen will be stepping up its efforts to review other possibilities for actively engaging in the ASEAN region and further intensifying its sales activities in the region, including such activities in Malaysia. The company remains committed to its plans to establish a sustainable and successful production and sales basis in the South East Asia region.

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