Shocking! GM may build 60,000 Volts in first year

Does 60,000 Volts sound like a shocking number? Well, that's the number of Chevy Volts that General Motors may be planning to produce when the car is introduced in its inaugural year of 2010-2011. By coming to market with such a large number of vehicles, it is believed that GM can keep the price below $30,000 and still stay somewhat profitable. Bloomberg reports today that unnamed sources have confirmed that production level as a definite possibility. To put it in perspective, when Toyota brought the Prius to market, just 15,000 units were produced its first year. The market for hybrids has since proven pretty viable.

The Volt is something unique, though, and 60,000 is still a pretty big gamble for GM. While production at that level is possible, industry experts are somewhat skeptical that sales would match those goals, at least so soon. This has been a quick development cycle for GM and the costs are huge. GM will have spent at least half a billion dollars to get the Volt to market. That's a lot of money being spent in a short period of time, though fortunately the car's got all of the right green buzz going for it.

[Source: Blogging Stocks]

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