Rumormill: Disney/Pixar planning second lap for Cars

Our sister site Cinematical reports that a sequel to Disney/Pixar's Cars is apparently in the works, and could arrive as early as Summer 2009. If that's the case, we should expect to see a trailer for Cars 2 attached to next summer's Pixar entry, Wall-E. The rumor really built up steam when Paul Newman made comments to reporters about a possible sequel at the Indy 500. Our friends at Cinematical seem to be disappointed that Lightning McQueen and friends appear to be getting a sequel, as it's not one of their fave Pixar flicks. They also wonder why Cars could get another go-round when its box-office grosses were low compared to the great Pixar successes. We think it's merchandising, where Cars appears to be quite the juggernaut, what with the toys, video games, bed sheets, etc. that continue to appear in stores everywhere. Anyway, you won't hear a peep of complaining from us. Cars was one of our favorites last summer, as the talking rides were very cool, and there were plenty of subtle and not-so-subtle references in there to make any pistonhead a happy camper. Seriously, any movie where Richard Petty voices an animated Plymouth Superbird sporting the #43 that's named "The King" is A-OK in our book. Sequel? Bring it on.

[Source: Cinematical]

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