The Jaguar X-Type is voted ... ahem ... "Best aspirational luxury car"

The results are in from the latest automotive consulting firm you've never heard of. According to AutoPacific's Vehicle Survey Award, the Jaguar X-Type took top honors in the 2007 Aspirational Luxury Car segment. The survey asks 24,000 US new car buyers how they rank their car 60-90 days after buying it. Perhaps such a result can be explained by George Peterson, the president of AutoPacific, who explained "Often times, the most satisfying vehicle is the one with the most personality, not the one that is screwed together the best." So normal issues -- like too many trips to the repair shop -- might be trumped by a car's feel-good sensations, which is fine.

Still, we don't know anyone who would say the X-Type is overflowing with personality. But those are the results. Click the "Read" link to see the rest of the winners. (In a more understandable victory for Jaguar, the XJ just won Luxury Car of the Year from Business Car magazine. Now that's a car with personality.)

[Source: Auto Spies]

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