If it worked for Lexus, why not Geely!

Back in 1990, when Lexus first burst forth upon the world, people praised the execution and refinement of the new luxury cars from Toyota. Lexus took Toyota's reputation for quality to a whole new level and has remained near the top of the heap in quality surveys ever since. The one complaint most people had at the time related to the styling. The smaller ES250 wasn't distinct enough from the Camry upon which it was based and the big LS looked like a Mercedes S-Class knock-off.

Last year, little known carmaker Geely became the first Chinese company to show one of their cars at the Detroit Auto Show. Let's just say no one was particularly impressed. So Geely has apparently gone back to the Lexus drawing board and created a knock-off of the most highly thought of luxury brands of the day. In this case, the concept images of a new high-end Geely appear to be nothing more than photos of a Lexus IS350 with a really ugly nose photoshopped on. They didn't even bother to change the wheels.

[Source: China Car Times]

Update: More pics from autoblog china.

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