VIDEO: Spyker F1 vs. an F16

Outside of Formula 1 venues, the Spyker F1 team knows how to put on a good show. For a Dutch Air Force promotional event called "Full Throttle," Spyker driver Christian Albers pitted his Formula 1 racer against Captain Ralph Aarts' F16 to see who could make it to the end of a 1000-meter runway first.

The scene: Volkel Air Force Base, with a crowd of 10,000 in attendance. In one lane was a 2007 F1-world-championship-contesting Spyker F8-VII, with 700 bhp and a 350 kph top speed. In the other lane was a Royal Netherlands Air Force standard issue F-16, piloted by a seasoned veteran, with 25,000 lbs of thrust (something like 10,000 bhp), and a top speed above Mach 2. Here comes the spoiler: the plane won. But you knew that. Nevertheless, Albers led the first 300 meters, and was only beat by two car lengths. If he can pull that off in the next F1 round in Barcelona, we'll really be impressed. For video, click here and here.

[Source: via Motor Authority]

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