Geneva Motor Show: GM wants all-EV car on sale by 2010

Bob Lutz used the Geneva Motor Show as the backdrop for announcing that General Motors wants an all-electric vehicle in production by 2010. Presumably that vehicle would be a production version of the Chevy Volt concept that was very well received at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show in January. As the company has been saying since the Volt was unveiled, the major obstacle is battery technology. Current lithium-ion batteries don't have the range or durability to satisfy GM's requirements, so the question remains whether or not they will in a few years or another battery type will emerge as a front runner.

Though the production timeline for the Volt is now set, GM is not entirely sure that it will succeed in meeting it. Lutz commented, "We're sort of outside our comfort zone." While that may be true, GM is the largest automaker ever to have offered a production EV to the public with its now controversial EV1 program. Lutz, however, stated there's still a 10% chance this project will completely fail. He also warned us that a production Volt would not look very much like the concept, especially the front wheels that are optimistically placed too far forward to be production feasible.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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