Geneva preview: Hyundai HED-4 crossover concept

Looks like Rinspeed won't be the only company going plastic at Geneva this year. Hyundai has released this image and a few details about the HED-4 concept crossover, after we brought you initial info a few weeks ago.

The fourth Hyundai European Design project was realized in conjunction with GE Plastics. The lightweight two-door crossover employs composite construction, including an energy-absorbing "Elastic Front" to meet Euro-NCAP pedestrian impact standards while retaining an aggressive design and a scratch-resistant plastic windscreen that weighs half as much as glass.

In addition to the alternative construction materials, the HED-4 is also tipped to preview the styling of the next Hyundai Tucson. We'll have more for you from the show floor in the coming days.

[Source: Auto Express]

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