Who among us wouldn't love to race an Ascari around a track? Unfortunately, few can afford the astronomical price tag involved in buying one of their wonderful examples or even a trip to the mouthwatering Ascari Race Resort. To help out those of us on smaller budgets, Ascari has teamed up with toy car company NINCO to give us the Ascari slot car set.

It includes 1:32 scale versions of both the A10 and KZ1R sports cars to race on their NDigital track system, allowing slot-car racing enthusiasts to race up to eight Ascari or other racing cars at once.

No word on pricing yet, but it's bound to be less than the half-million clams the real thing will set you back. The NINCO Ascari slot car set will be available in 25 countries around the world when it goes on sale several months from now.

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[Source: NINCO]


28th February 2007 For Immediate Release

The new Ascari Supercar that fits in the palm of your hand

Banbury based supercar manufacturer has set its sights on a new race track by venturing into the world of slot car racing. The launch of the Ascari A10 and KZ1R slot car from NINCO, manufacturers of the ultimate 1:32 slot racing system is on its way this year.

From mid-2007 all slot car enthusiasts across the world lusting over an Ascari A10 or the KZ1R GT3 race car can add a 1:32 scale model to their collection for a fraction of the price of its road-going counterpart.

"We have experienced considerable excitement from potential customers of the Ascari slot cars." said Andy Coles, Export Manager, NINCO. "Enthusiasts are waiting with baited breath to see one of the worlds fastest and most exclusive sports cars hit the slot car tracks."

Jason Cairns, Financial Controller, Ascari explains, "Slot car enthusiasts who have seen the Ascari KZ1R on the GT3 circuit in UK and Europe can now recreate the race atmosphere in their own front room."

The Ascari A10 and KZ1R will be compatible with the NINCO NDigital track system that enables up to eight cars to race on a circuit at the same time. The cars will be available in over 25 countries in specialist professional hobby stores.

Jason adds, "The interest in the Ascari brand has been fantastic, we are continuing to raise our racing profile and are really pleased to be considered by NINCO for inclusion in their state of the art slot car system."

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