VW not interested in buying Chrysler Group

Gee, you lose over $1.5 billion in the third quarter of 2006 and all of a sudden you're not an attractive automotive partner. First, news leaks that Daimler wants to kick the Chrysler group out the window, then Hyundai and Nissan decide that they're not interested in purchasing the struggling domestic. Now, Volkswagen has made it known that the five-star isn't on their shopping list, even though Chrysler is currently working with VW to build them a minivan based on the next-generation Town and Country.

As reported here on Autoblog, GM has been mentioned as a potential suitor for Chrysler. We wonder if the General will get a discount if nobody else is interested. It's hard to believe the company that builds the Viper and the 300C could be wanted like a sweater at Walmart in June.

[Source: Yahoo]

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