You get a sticker: 500 Wants You reveals five finalists

The triumphant return of the Fiat 500 back into production, which has been moved up to July of this year, has created an outlet for artist types to express their affection for the little city car. The 500 Wants You website was set up a while back to wrangle these expressions together, specifically in the form of the 500 Sticker Art Contest. Artists were encouraged to design large graphics for the 500 that express the car's flavor, attitude and meaning to the European motoring public. Five finalists have been chosen from 800 entries, and include such designs as feet, barcodes, argyle, the Eiffel Tower and a programmable digital message display mounted to the car's roof. You can view each entry and vote on which graphic you'd like to see on your 500, that is if you live in Europe and can get one when they go on sale.

Another competition centered around the return of the 500 had industrial designers stretching their imaginations to come up with products in the categories of 500 Accessories, 500 Lifestyle and 500 Everywhere. Put on by, The winners for this competition have already been chosen and include a special paint applique that shows images on the 500's sheetmetal at certain angles, a 500-inspired DustBuster vaccuum (shown) and a 500 equiped with a projector and sound system to play feature length films on the walls of building. We've just wasted about a half hour going through the list of entrants that didn't win, which are just as unique and curious to behold.

[Source: 500 Wants You]

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