Detroit Auto Show: Porsche peppers up the 2008 Cayenne

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Porsche is an intriguing company that manages to turn a great profit on a small line of expensive cars, and while its sportscars continue as their top-selling models, the first-generation Cayenne has been a runaway success. That's the background before which Porsche unveiled the new 2008 Cayenne range here at the Detroit show, with all their big-wigs in attendance. The new Cayenne having been released last month, this was its first public debut.

Stuttgart's designers aren't keen on dramatic restylings, and the new Cayenne is certainly no exception: the overall shape, though more aggressive and slightly refreshed, is still instantly recognizable as a Porsche Cayenne. Most of the visible changes are up front, where the headlights get a sharper design and the air intakes are enlarged. The top-of-the-line, $94k Cayenne Turbo model gets the LED light cluster-bars from the 911 Turbo, which Porsche says will remain a distinctive design feature to differentiate turbo models across the range (so expect it to show up on the... 911 and Cayenne turbos, then). It is a more tasteful touch than the huge ducts and vents on the outgoing Cayenne Turbo but still sets it apart from the base Cayenne and Cayenne S. The display car in the pics was also fitted with monster 21-inch rims.

Nothing revolutionary here. The revolution came when Porsche launched its first sport-ute with the first-generation Cayenne in the first place. But you can expect soccer moms with means to be trading up in droves.

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