The refreshened 2008 Ford Focus and Five-Hundred will both be rolled out with Bluetooth connectivity next year thanks to a partnership between the Blue Oval and Microsoft. That company from Redmond developed a system called Sync that includes not only a hands-free Bluetooth wireless system for cell phones, but also an in-vehicle operating system. Hooking up your RAZR to your car is one thing, but talk of an in-car operating system implies that the Sync system will become much more robust in what it can do at some point. Talk in the industry points to functions like not only dumping you MP3 files on a car's hard drive, but also connecting your car's computer system to local area networks or even mobile broadband networks so that a driver can check his email on the fly.

Ford wil be debuting the Sync system at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas simultaneously in early January. The system will later be rolled out across Ford's entire lineup.

We're curious to see how far beyond communications the Sync system will go, so we'll report back with details when they're available. Now, you may begin joking about Microsoft crashing your car.

[Source: Automotive News]

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