Detroit Bound: Toyota FT-HS Hybrid Sports concept

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More leakage emanated from the folks at Inside Line (we have since learned the embargo actually lifted and Inside Line was free to publish what it did), this time in the form of the FT-HS Hybrid Sports concept from Toyota. Currently, the only images available are these two-dimensional computer renderings, but attendees of the North American International Auto Show will be able to see it in all its heady glory come next month.

Toyota's conceptual conveyance comes equipped with a 3.5-liter V6, mated to a hybrid motor, which should produce upwards of 400 HP and 0-60 times in the four-second range. As for the concept's aesthetic, well, that's left to the eye of the beholder. Aggressive, angular, artsy. We could use a lot of different adjectives, but we won't venture beyond the "a's" and let you fill in the rest.

The biggest question that arises from this concept is whether or not it has the potential of filling the gaping void in Toyota's lineup since the Supra ceased production. We'd like to think so, but haven't decided if this is the right direction to take.

We'll bring you all the details and live shots from Detroit next month, but in the meantime, venture to Edmunds for what's available so far.

Thanks for the tip, Gary.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

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