New Transformers trailer! See Camaro and Optimus Prime

We auto enthusiasts have an obsession with the upcoming Michael Bay bonanza that is Transformers, the live action film. The first trailer for the movie that opens in July didn't show much, in fact all we got was the sillouhette of a Decepticon on the planet Mars about to snuff out the life of a poor Exploration Rover. The new second trailer has just arrived, however, and does a much better job of delivering on the goods. While not revealing too much from the film, Bay allows us to see what amount to more than passing glances of not only Bumblebee while he's in Saleen Camaro mode and transformed, but also the big man himself, Optimus Prime. A little bit of fair warning, if you're eager to see this movie you can kiss an afternoon of productivity goodbye. We're on replay No. 7 and counting.

[Source: via GM Inside News]

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