MINI touting 40 mpg for new model

While glimpses of the new convertible might have you waiting to pull the trigger on a new MINI Cooper, be consoled that if you get the coupe you will get phenomenal fuel mileage along with your motoring fun. In fact, you might be able to get 40 mpg in it. Here's the breakdown for the '07 Coopers with their new PSA designed engines.

The six-speed manual Cooper promises 32/40 City/Highway and a combined average of 35mpg. The slushbox version (which replaces the CVT from the previous model) is showing test cycle numbers of 30/37 City/Highway with the combined average at 33mpg. Adding a turbocharger doesn't hurt too bad either. The stick shift Cooper S will get 29/36 with a combined 32mpg and the automatic should deliver 27/34 mpg for an average of 30mpg. Those figures are about 4mpg better than the outgoing MINIs, model by model.

So you can settle for a boring econobox that offers a low entry fee but a high tax on your enthusiast soul in the daily commute, or splurge for a MINI and have ten times the fun with similar fuel economy. The choice seems obvious to us.

[Source: Just-Auto, sub. req]

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