Kia released a sketch today of the Kue concept that will be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in early January. In the great tradition of concept vehicles that come before it, the Kue supposedly foretells what future Kia vehicles will look like. Showing that the Kue is not so pie-in-the-sky as we might think, however, Kia told Automotive News that it's built on a unibody platform, which makes it a candidate for an upcoming redesign of the Sorento that is supposedly being moved to a unibody platform for its next redesign in 2008. The Kue's wheelbase is a 114 inches and its overall length 186 inches, most of the difference being consumed by a set of massive 22-inch wheels that we doubt the Sorento will ever see. While it's difficult to form an opinion of the Kue based on this rear, 3/4-angle sketch, we do like the converging point made by the edges of the roof at the rear of vehicle that's matched by a similar shape in the rear bumper. We'll have to wait until we can bring you live shots of the Kue from the floor of the Detroit auto show before we can pass judgment, however.

[Source: Automotive News]

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