First street-legal Mosler MT900S delivered to notable filmmaker

Mosler just delivered its first MT 900S supercar to a "prominent California film maker" in Anaheim. We don't know any prominent filmmakers in Anaheim, but we do know of a large theme park whose founder also dabbled in films. And it WOULD be fun to take this for a spin around the park after hours. Drown out the It's a Small World kids with that rippin' Corvette V-8. Who needs a Fast Pass when you have the keys to a Mosler? But we digress. This is notable because it is the first street-legal production version of the MT 900, with all previous vehicles configured for competition.

The MT 900S is the 435 horsepower, mid-engined supercar that weighs about a hundred pounds less than a Civic. It can do 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds on its charge to a top speed somewhere well past the double century mark. Handling is racecar-like, which is understandable in this racecar for the road. It's also the first production vehicle to be factory-equipped with carbon fiber wheels. We'll keep an eye out for it around Orange County and try to bum a ride so we can give you a first-hand account of how it really feels inside.

[Source: Leftlane News]

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