Supra's descendant will come equipped with hybrid power

It's been entirely too long since Toyota offered a credible sports car in its line up. Instead, they've rested on their laurels and let the MkIV Supra keep the Toyota performance idea alive for close to a decade. With the development of the Lexus LF-A, it's certain that Toyota's high-end car line will get a viable GT car, but what of the father-company?
According to AutoExpress, a new hi-po sports car is on its way, which draws inspiration from the LF-A and will likely be equipped with the Lexus GS450h's hybrid setup. The 3.5-liter V6 produces around 340 HP and should dispatch the sprint to 60 in under five seconds. That, coupled with a seven-speed sequential box, should strike an interesting balance between sporty acceleration and above average fuel economy.

AutoExpress has said that the 30-MPG sports car will likely be shown at this year's Detroit Auto Show and will be priced to compete with Nissan's new GT-R.

[Source: Peter Lyon/AutoExpress]

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