Not all the electric cars were killed

A couple of years back fans of the GM EV1 electric car got very upset when GM decided to take back all the cars that they had leased. Someone even made a movie about it. There was a big uproar over the fact that the EV1s were the be crushed. However, not all of the cars were in fact destroyed. Some did survive. One then resides in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. On another edition of AmandaAcrossAmerica from Madison, WI, Amanda Congdon discovers the second life of another EV1. GM removed the controllers from some of the cars and donated them to universities for research work.

One of the schools that received an EV1 was the University of Wisconsin - Madison. The engineering school there has completely refurbished the EV1. Glenn Bower and his students have replaced the power-train and batteries, developed new control software, and calibrated the vehicle. They use the car for giving students practical experience in electric and hybrid vehicle development. In addition the engineering department at the school is working with Ballard on testing their new control systems that will be applied to fuel cell vehicles in development at Chrysler and Ford. Check out the video at


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