Set the TiVo: Hammond crash will be made into show

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond's crash that came at the hands of a jet-powered dragster going 300 mph may find its way onto a tellie near you (or halfway around the world if you live in the U.S.). The BBC would like to air a special that shows not only footage of the crash, but also the preparation that went into the stunt and examine what may have went wrong that led to the Hamster in the hospital. Only one catch: Hammond has to agree to the idea. Word around the net is that Hammond does want the footage shown, so we should be expecting the show to air when the Hamster has fully recovered, which his neurosurgeon says should be in about six months. We have to admit feeling guilty for wanting to see the crash, but if Hammond's cool with it then we'll have our bittorrent client at the ready.

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