Hammond Watch: the grueling road ahead

The next six months will prove to be the most crucial for Richard Hammond's recovery, his doctors have revealed. For those joining the saga a bit late, the Top Gear host crashed at 300 mph while attempting a land speed record in a jet-powered dragster on film for the BBC program.

Shortly after the accident, the Hamster was out of bed, walking around and making jokes. But while this was an encouraging sign of his fast recovery, it could take him another six months to fully rehabilitate as the extent of the brain damage will unfold.

The injuries were minimized thanks to the racing harnesses and restraints that had him securely fastened into the cockpit, but it could take some time before Richard is back to his usual, vivacious self. We'll just have to keep on hoping and praying for him in the meantime.

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[Source: BBC News]

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