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Actually, Hummer needs more Hummers. That's the news coming out of GM today as Bob Lutz told reporters at the opening of a Hummer dealership in Paris (we hope the dealership is well fortified, and Lutz is prepared to take a pie in the face). As for any particulars on what new Hummer models we may see, good ole' Bob as the usual non-committal statements, like a truck would be an 'option' or a Wrangler competitor is being 'considered.' Furthermore, the number of new models that may be needed seems to hover around two or three.

With the production of the civilian HMMWV, the H1, kaput, GM has an opportunity to remake the Hummer dealership into an off-road enthusiast destination, and maybe lose some of its negative image as a symbol of 'American excess.' With the sales of the smaller H3 leading its range, we bet any new Hummers model lines will be developed off smaller platforms. This would be a necessity, especially in the case of a possible Jeep Wrangler competitor. It is interesting though, to see how Hummer may transform from this H1-only brand to one that no longer markets what was originally its namesake.

Thanks MikeUF for the tip.

[Source: CNNMoney]

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