The Lexus LS460 is a technophile's dream car -- it hosts the first eight-speed transmission, a rear-view camera, 19-speaker Mark Levinson stereo and hard disk drive to store 4,000 songs... and it parks itself. CNBC's Phil LeBeau shows us how "hands-free" is really done in the video above.

We've chatted with fellow automotive journalists about the self-parking feature, and most have not been impressed -- and by their accounts, what you see in the video is the best-case scenario. By the time the driver lines up the car correctly, confirms the space in which the car is to be parked, and presses go, the drivers in the cars lined up behind him will be out of patience faster than you can say, "Weren't you supposed to learn this crap in driver's ed?"

[Source: CNBC via Jalopnik]

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