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Car theft "bait" car stolen

If this doesn't make you chuckle, chances are nothing will. Dallas police apparently have an APB out for a stolen car with no description and no last known whereabouts. A vehicle used by Dallas police to catch unsuspecting would-be car thieves was stolen over the weekend. The "bait" car had been equipped with cameras, a remote engine kill switch, and some type of tracking system, but still managed to disappear sometime between Friday and Monday. Police were not releasing info about the type of car or the location of the theft because they are holding out hope that they may recover it. They believe it can be returned to their fleet and may be reused on future undercover operations.

This reminds us of the time the D.C. police chief had his car stolen from in front of his house. Police Chief Charles Ramsey was shocked to find an empty parking spot where he had recently parked his black Crown Victoria. At least it was unmarked. Or better yet the case of the stolen Boulder County Sheriff's Deputy K9 patrol vehicle, complete with canine. A suspect was pulled over for speeding and subsequently cuffed and buckled into the passenger seat of the patrol car for investigation of suspected DUI. While the deputy was checking out the suspect's vehicle, the suspect freed himself from the seatbelt, got his hands in front of him and took off with the poor dog in back. At least he was caught soon after and the dog was unharmed. And it can happen in other countries as well. Arab News reported a case of an officer walking out his front door to find an empty parking spot. He had to walk to the station to file a stolen vehicle report on his own car.

Maybe they should consider one of the theft prevention devices we've covered in the past:

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