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Cougar Ace: Could some of her Mazdas be saleable?

The latest news regarding the cargo of Mazdas aboard the now-righted M/V Cougar Ace is that preparations are underway to tow the ship to Portland, Oregon, where it can undergo repairs and there are facilities able to take on its entire load of cars.

The cars will be inspected thoroughly to determine if any are still saleable, a possibility that exists despite the fact that they spent the last two weeks hanging on their sides. According to the Coast Guard, "there was minimal damage to the cars." This flies in the face of other reports that state that vehicle damage has been sustained on all decks, so the upshot of it all is that no one really knows anything definitive yet.

Mazda spokesman Jeremy Barnes told the ADN, "We don't have a car count as to what is salable and what condition they are in. It all depends on what we find when we get in." There's a lot of wiggle room in that statement. While it allows for the possibility of saleable vehicles, Mazda could just as easily write the whole lot off.

Frankly, we don't understand why Mazda would even broach the topic of vehicle saleability before having their own people inspect the offloaded cargo firsthand. This is sure to be a very delicate topic, as potential customers are going to be asking hard questions about the origins of the vehicles they're considering. Reasonable or not, we wouldn't exactly be thrilled to learn that the new Mazda we're about to drive home of spent the better part of a month hanging on its side in a crippled cargo ship.

In fact, it'd probably be a dealbreaker. We're betting we aren't alone in that sentiment. We'll keep following the story closely.

Thanks M steele for the tip!

[Source: Anchorage Daily News]

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