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Spike TV's Bullrun 2007 casting call

Spike TV has plans to film the ultimate gearhead reality show. The male-oriented network has opened up their doors to drivers of all varieties, as long as they're witty, photogenic and have a hot car. Since that virtually eliminates about 99.9 percent of the population, like us, plan on living vicariously through others in this ten-part series.
For those unaware, the Bullrun is a cross-continent, high-speed, ego-stroking 'rally' that takes place on roads straddling New York and Los Angeles. What Spike seeks to do is get a number of teams together to not only make the 'run, but also assign them a variety of challenges throughout the trip. The show will be broken up into a ten separate episodes, which will include the inevitable personal foibles and wanton debauchery one would expect in any 'reality' show.

The winners will be awarded $250,000 upon completion of the rally and decimation of their competitors. If you've got the cash, car and... manhood go to

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