Chrysler Group's boss, Joe Eberhardt, issued an ultimatum regarding the automaker's future in the UK. If Dodge products do not succeed at a high level by 2009, they will pull out of the UK market entirely.

Dodge is counting on two specific models to guarantee success across the pond. The first is the familiar Caliber, which the automaker expects to solidify the desired aura of "Dodge attitude" and the soon-to-be-produced Nitro seeks to take on the small SUV market, dominated by the RAV4 and CR-V.

The Hornet stands to be a success in the supermini class, with its targets firmly locked onto the Mini Cooper, but no existing platform will accommodate the concept vehicle's small wheelbase. As such, DaimlerChrysler is seeking to partner with another manufacturer for production of the Hornet. Hopefully, if it sees production in the UK, the Hornet will make an apperance here in the States.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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