Like a proud parent after a track meet, Aston knows that endurance races are as much about finishing as they are about winning. This would explain why the company is planning to put into limited production the exact same car that completed the recent 24 Hours of Nürburgring. The actual race car finished 24th overall at Nürburgring amidst a field of dedicated racing machines. That's quite an accomplishment considering Aston's entry was completely stock except for a safety cage, special fuel tank and fire system, a racing seat and built-in air jacks. The Nürburgring Vantage V8 will be identical to the car that competed at the actual Ring in June, which means customers will be able to drive their car to the track and on the track, just like Aston did with the actual race car. Aston has not said how many it will produce, nor what the Nurburgring Vantage V8 will cost, but considering the modifications aren't that extensive we're being told it shouldn't be much more than the standard production car's price of £82,800.

[Source: Aston Martin]

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