Trackpedia now offering telemetry data and analysis

We thought that the Trackpedia "wiki" was a great idea when it originally launched, but now Billy Newport and his crew have an even better reason to visit the racetrack database - in-vehicle telemetry data and analysis.

Looking at GPS data - and getting some assistance with interpreting it - is certainly a good way to understand where better drivers are going faster, and beats the heck out of trying to ask better drivers how fast they're going at different areas of the track (there's a lot of things we're looking at while on the track, but the speedometer isn't one of them). Good drivers may certainly understand the art of going fast, but explaining how is often a different matter all together. Being able to put numbers to someone's performance is arguably the best way to understand the subtleties that go into piecing together a quick lap.

Currently, Trackpedia has data available for Brainerd International Speedway, and we definitely hope to see more of this for other tracks.

[Source: Trackpedia

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