Nissan's first hybrid, the forthcoming 2007 Altima HEV will only be sold in eight states. To put a geographical point on it, the Japanese automaker will sell the eco-friendly sedan in the Northeast and California:  New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine and New Jersey will join the Golden State. All of the states in question have adopted versions of the latter's zero-emissions vehicle program, which in effect will force manufacturers to sell hybrids.

Nissan admits it has the ability to churn out 50,000 hybrids-- more than it expects to divvy up between the eight markets, so it can technically build for other states if demand warrants it.

What do you think, is Carlos 'Hybrids Don't Make Sense' Ghosn missing an opportunity, or just making a good business decision? Sound off in 'comments.'

[Sources: Bloomberg News; Nissan]

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