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Volvo performs mildest facelift ever on 2007 XC90

News of Volvo’s ever-so-slight refreshening of its XC90 sport utility is hardly worth the pixels wasted to present it to you, but for whatever reason it popped up enough times on our radar to warrant a Sunday post. The 2007 XC90 gets a nip in the front and a tuck in the back, including new head- and taillamps. The interior received the most attention with more bark, raw hide and shiny metal to make it feel more upscale. Of more significance is the availability of Volvo’s new 235-hp, 3.2L inline-six that will be shared with the new S80 and V70 wagon. This “redesign” is only meant to hold over the XC90 until its total revamp in 2010.

[Source: Inside Line]

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