Audi AG announced Friday that it has already received 16,000 orders for the Q7 crossover, which was just launched at the beginning of March. The worldwide launch of the new model remains ongoing, with the crossover selling in most of Europe by the end of March, and startups in the U.S. and China scheduled for June. Other markets will follow in the second half of the year.

Audi has already increased production rates 50-percent to meet the unexpectedly strong demand, to 300 units a day. The company is anticipating annual sales of up to 70,000 units. The mulitnational Q7 is being assembled at Audi's new Slovakia plant (pictured above), which is already running triple shifts to meet demand. The Q7 powerplants are built at Audi's engine facility in Hungary, while its German factories are producing other components and most of the bodywork.

[Source: Audi AG]

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