Out with the old as the Mercedez-Benz Museum closes

The current Mercedes-Benz Museum, located in Stuttgart, Germany, is scheduled to close on Saturday, March 18th in lieu of a new museum opening in May. A party, part of the “Long Night of the Museums” is scheduled from 7 PM onward.

The MB Museum is considered one of the highest visited corporate museums in the world, with over thirteen million visitors having oogled its various displays since 1961. In 2004, more than half a million people passed through its doorways, the most since the museum's opening.

One of the most popular exhibits is the Benz Patent Motor Car, the starter of which has started over 17,000 times since 1981.

The new museum will open on May 20th and be located near the DaimlerChrysler plant at Untertürkheim.

[Source: Auto Spectator.com]

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