Audi to go MINI-hunting with next A2

It won't be long now... Audi is reworking their revolutionary yet spendy (and slow-selling) A2 into a more conventional, fashion-forward MINI fighter. Word 'round the campfire is that the littlest Audi will be a steel-bodied proposition screwed to parent Volkswagen's Polo platform, a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

Audi Chairman Martin Winterkorn promises the next A2 by 2008, and is going so far as to predict that the A2 will posess iconic style, which may be something of a stretch if styling resembles that of the company's (admittedly attractive) Shooting Brake concept from the Tokyo Motor show.

All of which begs the question: will the A2 be sold in America, and if so, will VW further leverage their Polo platform by bringing it Stateside as well?

[Source: AutoWeek]

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