Zagato plans Ferrari 575 "Zero"

Italian design house and coachbuilder Zagato displayed many of its classic cars at the Geneva Motor Show this year, but one of them had special significance - the 1956 Ferrari 250 GTZ. The classic custom Ferrari, shown above in a period photograph, has won both races and concours competitions in its 50 year lifetime as one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever built.

The 250 GTZ is the inspiration for Zagato's forthcoming Ferrari, the 575 "Zero." To commemorate the 250 GTZ, the new car will share the two-tone paintwork as well as various styling cues evocative of the '50s, undoubtedly including Zagato's trademark "double-bubble" roofline.

Zagato is keeping the 575 Z under wraps, so for now we have to be content with admiring the 250 GTZ - and that's OK by us.

[Source: Zagato] Thanks for the tip, Noah!

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