Yahoo with Segway Rickshaw goodness

While the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES) is plenty serious with all those ipod attachments and the latest GPS systems, etc., there’s plenty of wacky stuff on display.
And our Autoblogger Chris continues to find them. Illustrating the more fun side of CES is his visit over at the Yahoo display.

More pics and text after the jump….

“Those wacky folks over at Yahoo are at it again.... this time with an outdoor tent incorporating a live dj, models clad in go-go boots, and a white Bentley rollin' on some phat chromies, yo. Oh, and a display that models rooms in celebrities homes.

Best part? They converted a Segway into a modern rickshaw of sorts (dubbed the "Yahoo Go"), offering free rides to CES attendees. Hey, Autoblog covers all things with four wheels, right?

Essentially (the vehicle’s) a standard-issue Segway with a tow hookup for a rear traveller. A curved front fairing (read: billboard), small portable stereo and wheel covers up front (plastic in back to cover the bike wheels, chrome up front) complete the transformation.
Piloted masterfully through the sea of people, burger stands and display setups by the young chap sporting lots of crisp white Yahoo gear.

A bauble, but an appropriate thing to show in view of the madness on display here.”

Some other products at the Yahoo! booth:

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