Gone in Sixty Seconds this isn't. According to KXTV Sacramento, some ambitiously persistent yet stupendously dimwitted car thieves are at large after stealing a red Ford GT in Manteca, California.

Apparently, the exotic pilferers not only broke into Manteca Ford via boot and crowbar, they rifled through the dealer's offices until they found the key safe, which they managed to crack open. All of this effort must have made it particularly frustrating when the thieves tried to start the car, only to find it stone dead.  Undeterred, the robbers then jumped it via a battery charger (how that didn't anger the supercar's infamously finicky alarm, we'll never know), and pushed a Mustang GT curiously belonging to rapper 50 Cent out of the way to make their exit. And in their zeal to leave with their bestriped booty, the bandits unwittingly learned why drag strips aren't made of linoleum, damaging the GT's flanks while laying Z-rated stripes through the showroom's double doors.

Which took them all the way to the locked parking lot. The Hardest Working Crooks in Manteca remained undeterred, grabbing yet another set of keys, this time to a sacrificial Lincoln Navigator, which they used to ram open the gates.

For all of their persistence (and improvisational flair), the robbers apparently never bothered to learn how to handle a car with 550 horses — the GT was recovered a few miles away with about $30,000 in damage.

[Thanks for the tip, Joe]

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