Truck drivers apparently clogged up Florida highways yesterday, demanding more money to help them cope with fuel-cost increases. With diesel going for something like $2.45 around here, even with the "three-axle" tax break, it's easy to see why they're upset. I'm no expert on the current system, but it sounds like the DOE publishes suggested surcharges to be applied to freight costs, but this money is not always passed along to owner-operators who need the extra money to keep up with fuel costs. Of course, someone will ask "why does this matter?", only they won't be so polite about it. I'll preemptively respond with this - if truckers start slowing down on the highways because of increasing fuel costs (trading time for fuel economy), we're all going to feel the pain of traffic congestion (those that have come upon a truck doing 35 MPH on the Autobahn know what I'm talking about).

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