Sure, the new Skyline GT-R R35 is right around the corner and the R34 has been out of production for almost a couple years, but why not do a special edition as a final salute? Nissan decided to do just that with a Nismo Z-tune version. But, uh, one problem - the car's been out of production. So Nismo simply went around and bought up some used R34s, all with less than 20K on the clock. Kinda weird (you don't see SVT buying up older F-150s to keep Lightning production going), but who cares when the end result yields 500 HP? And then there are the Brembo brakes, carbon-fiber body panels, and the $20,000 set of Sachs dampers. Edmunds drives it, but doesn't let us know if it's worth $160K. It seems to me that this would be a terribly amusing vehicle for longer autocross courses, as I'd finally get to extract some revenge on Evo and STi owners.

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